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AFCD Foundation – Second Family

Hello beautiful and lovely human beings! My name is Asmae Rihi, I’m a 20 years old student. I’m very honored to be an ambassador of AFCD, I came all the way from Tangier to Ait Ourir going for 611 km, aiming to achieve my little ambition and inner joy; Participating in The Youth Leadership Boot Camp.

I was extremely excited to be there and finally join the participants, who I was looking forward to meeting. Everything started on the day I received the approval email from Aissam (No words would be enough to describe this young man). I can’t describe the amount of happiness I felt when I was informed that I’m selected to take part of this camp ‘The Youth Leadership Boot Camp’.

All I remember is that I felt extremely blissful and glad. (It’s known that there are hormones which are involved in the regulation of the mood.) If Dopamine and Serotonin are the hormones promoting positive feelings and stimulating pleasure and peacefulness for a short period of time, the staff of AFCD are certainly capable of giving you this happiness that can last for days.

The AFCD was created 17 years ago by young people, for the youth in Ait Ourir, showing their care for people our age. They are the pride of Morocco, and for that they deserve the highest praise and honor. AFCD is the result of a bunch of believers and fighters wanting the good for the future generations in particular, and humanity in general.

I’m grateful for each day I got to spend with the participants of the AFCD, being a part of them has been such a blessing. I’m so thankful that I had the courage to apply for this experience, I feel I was truly lucky to live this journey with such amazing people from all over Morocco, especially the beautiful people Aissam Ajrinija (the most wonderful talented teacher I’ve ever seen) Anass Kamal and those who’ve been sincerely serving the hotel.

I’m sure this participation will stay marked in my mind for a lifetime. It made me believe that good people still exist in this world, and that we have to seize the opportunities we get no matter what are the circumstances. I also learned the necessity of trusting my process and path. THANK YOU AFCD ❤ Asmae Rihi .


Mouhamed Ali

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