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President's word

We Serve Our Community With Love

AFCD is remarkably reputed locally, nationally, and internationally due to the fact that improving citizens’ lifestyles lies at the heart of most of our projects. Thus, we put much focus on education as it is considered the only key to emancipation. Youth and women’s empowerment issues top our agendas because AFCD considers both youths and women the backbone of society and their empowerment will bring about fruitful results. It’s really mesmerizing that recently a lot of ambitious and vigor youths have shown an inner desire to work with AFCD, which feeds our team year in and year out. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of volunteers are young people who are intrinsically motivated to make their areas a safe haven where everyone learns, produces, and shares.


President of AFCD Foundation 

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General Overview

Who Are we

AFCD is an independent association of highly ambitious youth volunteers who have vowed to improve their areas, light people’s paths, and raise their awareness about the importance of their contributions to better their living conditions

AFCD has always adopted a sort of thorough approach in the improvement of the regions within their reach. Therefore, AFCD focuses on the areas that affect people’s daily lives in the short, mid, and long term; society, economy, and environment.

Our volunteers are an integral part of meeting our mission

AFCD’s volunteers are highly qualified youths who carry the heavy burden of promoting the areas to keep up with the world. The AFCD is an independent association of young volunteers that aims to participate in the improvement of areas such as the socio-cultural areas, educational as well as the enhancement of the regional infrastructure.

Our Approach

Because Leadership Means Inclusiveness

Within our association, we adopt a participatory approach in all stages of the work, from decision-making to the launch and realization of the work. This strategy is applied to ensure an inclusive and comprehensive approach to the work and activities carried out by the association, and also to adhere to this approach within the association to ensure the rights of the volunteers to participate in the decision-making process.

To reach a unanimous agreement among the AFCD team, we always resort to consulting, exchanging ideas, and sometimes debating over almost every single matter regarding all projects, from the launching phase to their realization. By adopting a participatory approach, we aim to instill and cultivate a spirit of collaboration, open-mindedness, and sharing in every single team member.

Our Approach

Our NGO goals