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The Eco Citizen Project

The Eco-citizenship project is a long-term project, with a strong local impact, targeting all categories of inhabitants of Ait Ourir, containing several phases, starting with raising awareness, practical workshops, strengthening capacities regarding waste sorting towards recycling and recovery.

This project started in 2020 as a preparatory phase where AFCD Foundation team launched social media campaigns and produced several communication supports to raise awareness and develop the primary steps through a participatory approach in Ait Ourir.

The implementation phase took place on 2021 that will focus not only on capacity building of local NGOs and civil society actors, but also on the creation of new committees to better represent local population and to draft alternative pathways proposals for a better household waste management.

At the same time, the citizen participation will shed light on how municipalities can better implement their plans using more participatory approaches that potentially lead to a better local governance.

03. Problem analysis

Local residents, social dynamics, decision-makers, and stakeholders in Ait Ourir city describe waste management as a challenging problem. However, the lack of interactions between these factors produces unsatisfied outcomes.

This project uses a participatory approach to discover plausible roots of chronic problems by focusing on what captures, shapes, and limits the attention of stakeholders and decision-makers in order to develop effective solutions.

04. Objectives

Local population from Aït Ourir, local NGOs and civil society actors and locally elected representatives engage in a participatory process to develop alternative solutions for waste management in their city.

  • To inform local population and to raise awareness about the current waste management situation in Aït Ourir and its impacts.
  • To strengthen local NGOs capacities to mobilize and sensitize their respective communities about waste management issues in Aït Ourir.
  • To bring elected representatives and policy makers, civil society actors and citizens together to discuss waste related environmental issues in Aït Ourir and to contribute to developing alternative solutions and waste management systems with a participatory approach.
01. Project Target
  • Local NGOs and civil society activists,
  • Policy makers in Ait Ourir,
  • Ait Ourir city council & Elected representatives
  • Aït Ourir population and community,
  • Students and young people,
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs,
  • Waste management stakeholders in Ait Ourir.
05. Relation with sustainable development goals

Our project most likely contributes to fulfilling the UNs Sustainable Development Goals by standing for:

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Project Activities