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Let’s Dialogue project

Project summary

In the light of the tense atmosphere and the dividedness that the world is witnessing, which is making people all over the globe feel deprived and destitute, but also make them feel they have no say in world’s events.  The AFCD Foundation has always believed in the role of bringing people to the table in order to voice out their concerns as well as their visions of their communities and the way they want to see their societies.

This project is a series of online meetings between participants from all over the world with different backgrounds and ethnicities, where the host will put them in subject related scenarios to enhance their acceptance to others. They will also be part of online workshops to develop and learn more about some strategies to follow when bridging between cultures to fulfill a better understanding between people. 

Moreover, participants will emphasize on how to bring about positive and tangible change in the way they tackle the notion of ‘The Other’. As a result of this project, we expect from the young participants to be more open to dialogue as it’s one of the so many good and beneficial ways to expand their horizon to the rest of the world.

01. The importance of cultural diversity

One of the most evident reasons behind almost every conflict in the world is the cultural misunderstanding, as well as the inability to accept the other no matter how different he is.  The cleavages between cultures are critical matters for achieving peace and stability. Cultural diversity is a driving force for development as well, not only on the social scale but also on the economical one.

All of this can be achieved through dialogue, which is indeed a necessity nowadays in our changing, distinguished world. Dialogue can help overcome the prejudice and create understanding of other people’s perspectives.

02. Religious and cultural Diversity

The lack of tolerance has always been a key reason behind conflicts and dangerous misunderstandings worldwide. Difference has always been scary. Yet, it is undeniable that cultural diversity and religious pluralism are a driving force for development as well not only on the social scale, but also on the economic one. 

To achieve the above-mentioned endeavors, we, at the AFCD Foundation, would like to approach things, like we always do, based on two approaches: Gender Transformative Approach (GTA) and Human rights-based approach. We would invite associations and civil society activists who are active in defending and campaigning for the rights of minorities in Morocco.

03. Problem analysis

We notice nowadays that the rate of hate crimes and speech is tangibly increasing in different spots of the world, which is directly influencing the coming generations. Young people are not seen as a resource for change if they don’t take action to intervene. That is exactly why we are urged to solve this problem out.

04. Objectives

The main objective of this training was to provide a safe space for these participants to learn how to facilitate a group and foster understanding of democratic values. Our main objectives are:

  • To give the participants the opportunity the hone their communication skills
  • To enhance the acceptance of others, hence tolerance, and anchoring the positive learnability
  • To raise the participant’s awareness on the subject matter under the umbrella of “Little diversity hurts no one “
05. Relation with sustainable development goals

Our project most likely contributes to fulfilling the UNs Sustainable Development Goals by standing for:

GOAL 4: Quality Education

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

Project Activities