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Youth First Project

With the Partnership Development, we aimed to make a strategy for developing the partnership with a special focus on mobilization of youth and gender equality.

A part of the Partnership Development was to meet with 5 different organizations from the region about duplicating the project in their community (Smaller villages around Ait Ourir with less possibilities for mobilizing youth).

Similar organizations in the region asked AFCD about potentials of duplicating the project idea in their community (similar cities and challenges that them in Ait Ourir). The project development therefore also had a focus on how the project could expand in the area and how we can build a network between the different cities.

Thus, the Partnership Development searched for how we can duplicate the idea from the pilot project, and we met with the 5 organizations to discuss and debate the current project, obstacles, and challenges to see how we coordinate and plan a coherent program – a partnership project.

The Partnership Development to a large extent has responded to the aim and all activities were carried out as planned.

01. Project Activities

The first part of the agenda was to get through 2 workshops, which the Danish youth facilitated. The Moroccan participants were organized in a group of youth who are a part of Youth First program and therefore have experienced the project by themselves.

The first workshop was about capacity building and what we have learned from the Pilot Project and the second was about discussing mobilization of gender equality. It was a good opportunity to discuss the problems with mobilization (maybe the internet isn’t enough) and how to secure equal access to participate.

AFCD and R:UD had a meeting with the 5 potential. We were telling about Youth First with workshops, mentoring and community actions and the experiences so far. They were telling about their organizations and how their local community could benefit from being a part of Youth First.

The five villages are placed around Ait Ourir (between 5 and 20 km). They have fewer activities and possibilities than in Ait Ourir. The inhabitants have challenging living conditions as there are a lot of school dropout cases, and illiteracy is a huge problem. There isn’t a tradition for working with youth empowerment in the villages, that’s why there is a need for working with this target group and Youth First could be the method to engage and mobilize them within local projects.

02. Project Objectives

The objectives of the Partnership Development were to develop new visions for the partnership and to find out what direction we want a further cooperation to go.  This project is basically meant to invistigate youth involvement in Ait Ourir, which was our first collaboration after the Partner Identification and the Preparatory Study. The Pilot Project is completed.
While the Pilot Project was lacking towards the end, the partnership wanted some answers to questions about a future partnership:

  • what should be done subsequently, i.e. when the pilot project is completed?
  • What ideas do we have about future partnership?
  • What are our respective organizations able of?