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Youth Leadership Exchange Program

The two main organizations AFCD and R:UD share the same vision as they both believe that youth are the backbone of society. They also have a shared responsibility towards young people as they are active civil society organizations in their communities.

To bring about tangible change to communities, AFCD and Rebuild youth school are working together to highlight the importance of young people in the development process. And to do that they organize the Youth First program for the youth in Alhouaz province and Douars surrounding Ait Ourir where the first part of the project took place together with 5 new local associations.

The Youth Leader Exchange will add resource persons in reaching the goals of the partnership project. They will function as project officers and have a role in securing that, especially by focusing on communication, gathering information, making portfolios / exhibitions to create local ownership, and gathering more knowledge on how we work with youth empowerment towards youth that is not already active in the local society.

01. Organizations – Partners
  • AFCD is an independent association of highly ambitious youth volunteers who vowed to improve their areas, light people’s path, and raise their awareness about the importance of their contributions to improve their living conditions. AFCD has always adopted a sort of thorough approach in the improvement of the regions within their reach; therefore, AFCD focuses on the areas that affect people’s daily lives on the short, mid, and long term; society, economy, and environment. We mobilize young people to advance the global goals for sustainable development through targeted community projects that create awareness and ownership of community progress among all citizens. AFCD engages all sectors of society: government and civil society by supporting youth-led, community-based initiatives in Ait Ourir, as well as demonstrate the power of young people to create sustainable change.


  • R:UD is a youth group in Rebuild Youth School that works with international perspectives. Rebuild Youth School’s core task is – through youth involvement – to support young people’s identity formation and development towards independence in an active community through good experiences as well as formal and informal learning in inspiring communities. The purpose of R:UD is to create new communities across national borders, thus it looks forward to contributing to the process of young people empowerment to participate in community life – both locally and globally.
02. Expectations and objectives

In the Partnership Project we are going to expand the project with new Moroccan partners from the surrounding areas of Ait Ourir. It is a big task, and we believe that the Youth Leaders can support this ambitious project by both securing a better implementation of the project, as well as collecting data for the points in which we succeed and where we should do better.